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The island of Andros is famous for the crystal clear beaches with turquoise waters. Anemomiloi Studios feature a panoramic view to the exceptional Paraporti beach, which is just 5 minutes walk from the studios.

Just beside is the second beach of the country, the organized Neimporio beach.

Five minutes away driving, you can find 2 more organized beaches, Brosta Gialia (Front Glass beach) and Piso Gialia (Back Glass beach) with beach bar that will enchant you with its magnificent glassy waters.

Little further, in the southern part of the island, you will find the Sineti beach and the famous To pidima tis grias that means the jump of the old woman.

Do not miss the beach of Achla and Apothikon (warehouses).

On the other side of the island, where port is also located, there are unique beaches you should visit like St. Peter, Xrysi Ammos (Golden Sand), Vitali and Zorkos.

So many beautiful beaches in Andros you can swim and enjoy.

Achla beach

Piso Giallia beach

Apothikes beach

Pidima tis Grias beach

Xrysi Ammos beach

Paraporti beach

Zorkos beach